Celestron 71012 SkyMaster 20-100×70 Zoom Binoculars

December 3, 2015 - Comment

SkyMaster 20-100×70 Zoom Product Features Type: Binocular Magnification: 20 – 100x Related

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SkyMaster 20-100×70 Zoom

Product Features

  • Type: Binocular
  • Magnification: 20 – 100x


J. S Thomas says:

Nice Binos for the price with outstanding Celestron Quality For the price I paid (Under $100) I rate these 5 stars. I have had mine for over 2 years and not had any issues with the zoom or focusing the binos. I must say they are heavy and unless laying on your back observing straight up they can become taxing on the arms. I purchased a tripod and mounted mine which seems to be the way to go for these are heavy. I have used them at several National Parks to observe the wildlife and natural attractions as well as astronomical observing of the moon and stars and the star packed areas of the milky way. For these uses they have been outstanding for the price, highly recommended.

Tim Speer says:

Great Binoculars Bought these for two purposes – casual star gazing when I don’t want to take my telescope out, and as an alternative to buying a spotting scope for shooting. Took them out the first night and was very pleased, great optics throughout the zoom range. For terrestrial viewing at or near eye level they work fine hand held, if you want to zoom past 30 or 40X you’ll want a tripod. Usable hand held at low power for star gazing but you’ll probably want a tripod, especially if you want to zoom for higher power. Went through a quick sky tour, the moon looked great throughout the zoom range, fantastic views for binoculars, then went to Jupiter, not enough apperture to show much cloud banding but could clearly see Jupiter as a disk along with the 4 Galilean moons. Then one of my favorite targets the double cluster in Perseus, again a great view resolving more stars than you can count. All in all the optics appear to be great. One point I have seen complaints about, yes these are a little heavy…

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